With pleasure!

Yep.  Just fulfilling rule #5 for the blog–the occasional grandchildren pictures…

We flew to DC this week to see Brendon and Emily…um, I mean to attend the Sovereign Grace Pastors Conference.  When CJ thanked us for our sacrifice in flying across the country, we just nodded and smiled.  Anytime CJ.  How about next week too.

Between the travel, meetings, and grandkids, my time in the word has definitely been briefer than usual, but I have loved reading your insights.  Jesus is all over the place in these 6 verses, even though his name is only mentioned once.  Here are two places I saw him:

Therefore, my beloved. Only three words into the passage and I had to stop.  We’ve already noticed that Paul had a deep affection for this church, so calling them “beloved” is no big surprise.  But this word contains more than just his love for them, it is also an echo of another love.  “This is my Son, my Beloved, with whom I am well pleased.” (Matthew 3:17) The Father’s great love for the Son was announced for all to hear at his baptism.  And it was passed on to us through the cross.  Now that Jesus has paid the price for my sins, I can hear these words addressed to me, “This is my daughter, Rondi, my beloved…”  Beloved.  The gospel in a word.

For his good pleasure. I remember having lunch a few years ago with a dear sister. As she shared her struggles with me, she concluded with the words, “I just want to please God.  If only I knew that I pleased him, I would be satisfied.”

I understand her anxiety.  Her words express a feeling I often experience, too.  And I know you do, too.  That’s why those words in 2:13 caught my attention this time, those 4 little words at the end of the verse–for it is God who works in you both to will and to work for his good pleasure. I love it that he gives me the desire to please him and then fulfills that desire.  God is not just producing half hearted obedience in me.  I don’t have to wonder if I’m good enough yet.  He is at work in me to produce the kind of obedience that fills him with pleasure.

So, today, I hope you can hear these two words spoken to you by your Father. This is my daughter, my beloved, in whom I am well pleased. And let his pleasure make today’s obedience a light hearted task.  “Rondi, I want you to….”  “With pleasure, Lord!”

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  1. Natalie Cooper says:

    ahh Rondi I just read this after I posted on todays blog and felt God’s peace. Thank you for the reminder He is well pleased!