Loved by God, through the Spirit

Today’s post was written by Nikki Brewer after our Women of Grace event on November 10.

The Lord met me in a very sweet way today. Through my tears God brought a lot of clarity. The Scriptures (Romans 5:1-11) clearly spoke to me and the stories were right on target. I could relate to so many if them. I, like Rondi, believe I was truly saved after a heartbreak in high school. It was then that I felt loved by the Lord for the first time. God reminded me of that today, too.

So much to chew on, but what I’m taking with me is the story of the mom and the kids and the car that wouldn’t start. So often my heart goes to that place where I don’t feel like God loves me when life looks like that, like the crazy morning I had today. But then she went on to say that the neighbor having jumper cables is the Holy Spirit connecting us to Christ’s grace and in the process pouring God’s love out. Having milk in the fridge is the same thing. What hit me is those little things happen to me all the time and I never see them as God’s grace or the Holy Spirit pouring out the love of God.

I walked into the meeting this morning with a crossed armed attitude in my heart because I was mad at my circumstances, but the Holy Spirit slapped me across the face with grace. Suddenly I realized it was grace that brought me there, grace brought to me personally by the Spirit. He compelled Natalie and Royal to stop by, and Royal to stay and watch my kids. I felt so loved by him that he wanted me there. It was a sweet moment.

After that Rondi talked about obedience being a means to love God. That’s when the Noah analogy became so clear. I love God by loving Noah even when he’s making me crazy. And when I do that, I experience love for God and from God. It all flows together.

I am loved by God and I respond in prayer, mediation, obedience. My response completes the loop. Helpful. Thanks for bringing a simple message to us so clearly.

Thanks for sharing, Nikki. Who else wants to tell what God’s been teaching you?

One comment on “Loved by God, through the Spirit

  1. Becca Orlowski says:


    What a lovely post to wake up to this morning! I can so relate to the frustrations you mentioned, particuarly as it relates to rebellious children. I’m so grateful for the Holy Spirit Who stops me cold each time I’m grumbling about my children, ready to give up on them. “Daughter,” He says, “This is you. You were rebellious. You were a God hater, a disobedient child and I *never* gave up on you. I have loved you with an everlasting love because of my Son, Jeusus. Rest in that fact and offer your children the grace and mercy that you’ve been given.”

    I am stunned and so grateful for the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives.