Summer Study Coming Soon…

It’s time for a break. I know, the pace has been relentless in my life, too.


Summer is a great time to lose yourself–in a good book, on a lovely hike, at a sunny beach. I hope each of you gets a chance to do that at some point before September.

But summer also can be a great time to find yourself. To discover something new about yourself, to explore, learn, discover.  It can be a great time to find yourself…in Christ.

Found in Him, by Elyse Fitzpatrick is just the study we need for that. Here’s a brief description from the back cover:

“Everyone has experienced isolation and alienation. We lost more than a nice home when we were banished from Eden, We lost relationship with God and with each other.

But then God did the unthinkable. The Son of God became the man Christ Jesus: one of us that we might be united in him.

In Found in Him, Elyse Fitzpatrick explores the wonder of the incarnation and the glory of our union with Christ, offering us a sure path to ultimate acceptance and true belonging through the power of the gospel.”

Join Us…

I’ll start posting on June 15. It’s a 10 week study. But, hey, it’s summer. Once the posts are up, you can go at your own pace. All the posts will be listed under the category, Found in Him. Here’s what I’d suggest:

  • buy the book
  • grab a friend or a bunch of friends
  • use the blog to help you dig into the Bible passages in each chapter
  • consider getting the DVD set to listen to a 20 minute session by Elyse on each chapter

Lose yourself in a page turner, for sure. But find yourself in the One who has found you.


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