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Hungry for Healing

My daughter called this morning to say that her kids have head lice and the stomach flu. Happy New Year.

The Wilderness of Christmas

The holly, jolly, noisy, busy Christmas (aka Holiday) Season is in full swing. But not for you.

Not Keeping, But Finding Christ in Christmas

I was up too early¬† this morning–again–my mind peppered with unfinished Christmas tasks.

Hungry For Perfect

Black Friday deals are already appearing in my inbox, stirring up my annual bout of holiday anxiety.

Am I a Rule-Maker or a Rule-Breaker?

It depends.

Walking in Circles? James 4:13-5:20

Have you ever hiked a trail and suddenly realized you were walking in circles?

Enticed By Good. James 3:1-18

Have you ever noticed how fascinating the bad guy (or girl) can be?

True Faith’s Top Benefit James 2:14-26

Can my faith save me?

Authentic Faith is Tested Faith: James 1:1-18

We’re hungry for authentic faith, in us and in the world around us.

Psalm 139 Meditation: Infinite and Intimate

How appropriate to finish our Psalms study with a song to our Infinite, Intimate God.