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The Worst Day of the Year?

“Good grief. I hate this day… now there are 364 days until Christmas!”

Christmas Movie Time

What movie does your family like to watch during the Christmas holidays?

The Wilderness of Christmas

The holly, jolly, noisy, busy Christmas (aka Holiday) Season is in full swing. But not for you.

Not Keeping, But Finding Christ in Christmas

I was up too early¬† this morning–again–my mind peppered with unfinished Christmas tasks.

Hungry for God to Break the Silence

Silence can be golden, but when we need someone to speak to us, to reassure us, to answer us, it

Grace For Change

Christmas was crazy this year. Fun. Busy. But sometimes not very pretty.

Jesus: God’s Word of Hope

Are you hungry for God to break his silence? He did. When Jesus Christ was born, God began to speak

Finding Christ in Christmas

I was up too early again this morning, my mind peppered with unfinished Christmas tasks.

Recipe 8: Spanakopita

Here’s another great recipe from Laura Stenhouse. It’s worth the trouble if you have the time. Thanks Laura!

Recipe 7: Strawberry Bread

More sweeties for your Christmas feast! I’m embracing the sugar bowl for the rest of the season…