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Gospel Workout: Endurance Training

Gospel Workout part 5: How does the gospel help me press on when I want to quit?

Gospel Workout: Workout Clothes

Gospel Workout Part 4: What kind of active wear do I need for my busy life?

Gospel Workout: Strength Training

Gospel Workout Part 3: What does a gospel workout look like? A different kind of strength training.

Gospel Workout: What Counts?

Gospel Workout, Part 2. Do you have an inner counter that won’t quit?

Christmas Movie Time

What movie does your family like to watch during the Christmas holidays?

The Wilderness of Christmas

The holly, jolly, noisy, busy Christmas (aka Holiday) Season is in full swing. But not for you.

Not Keeping, But Finding Christ in Christmas

I was up too early¬† this morning–again–my mind peppered with unfinished Christmas tasks.

Spiritual Eating Disorders

Have you ever hidden in the pantry, stuffing your face with potato chips until the bag is empty, when you

How Fluent am I with the Gospel?

The last time you got together with a friend what did you talk about?

The Problem with Gospel Friendship

When we put two beautiful words like “gospel” and “friendship” together, our expectations can skyrocket–making the crash that much more