Let’s study Philippians!

Today, October 1, we get to start our study of Philippians.  Because it’s Friday and weekend schedules can be unpredictable, I have our first real week beginning on Monday.  I don’t want you to feel behind on day 1!  In the meantime here are 3 things that will help you be ready for Monday: tools, faith, schedule.

Tools: Let’s keep it simple.  You’ll need your Bible, a notebook, and a pen.  For the first week I’ll provide the questions.  After that we’ll use the “Feasting on Christ Daily Worksheet” to guide our weekly study.  If you want to purchase a study Bible, I would recommend the ESV Study Bible, which has background information, a concordance, list of unfamiliar terms, and other helps.

Faith: Over the weekend take some time to read Psalm 25.  It is a wonderful example of two way communication that will encourage your own conversation with the Lord.  Take note of what David says to the Lord.  Then notice what he anticipates the Lord will say to him.  Look for “words of love”  and “words of life.”  Write out a verse that stands out to you and chew on it.  Pray it back to the Lord when you begin your study on Monday.

Here’s a schedule of the passages we’ll study, week by week.

October 4: Overview and background

October 11: Philippians 1:1-11

October 18: Philippians 1:12-1:26

October 25: Philippians 1:27-2:11

November 1: Philippians 2:12-2:18

November 8: Philippians 2:19-2:30

November 15:  Philippians 3:1-3:11

November 22:  Philippians 3:12-4:1

November 29:  Philippians 4:2-4:9

December 6: Philippians 4:10-4:23

See you bright and early Monday morning with some background information and the first question of the week! Don’t forget your coffee…

One comment on “Let’s study Philippians!

  1. Candy Stokes says:

    I’m all in. See you Monday morning, bright and early!
    Have a great weekend everyone!