Waiting for a Savior

Waiting for a Savior is not like waiting in line at Disneyland.  At Disneyland my biggest problem is boredom.  That’s why they designed even the waiting time to be entertaining, so I wouldn’t get bored and leave.  But in this fallen world as a citizen of the heavenly kingdom the waiting is much more dangerous.  “Through many dangers, toils, and snares, I have already come…”  says the hymn, and we would agree, though past dangers are a lot easier to see than the ones that presently threaten us.

That’s why God through Paul tells us how to wait.  The exhortations are for our safety.  Here’s what it looked like in my life this week.

Tuesday was the day I tried to finish my preparation for Friday night’s event, “Finding Christ in Christmas.”  God gave me faith and energy to work on the third, hopefully final, draft and send it off to a few people for critique.  I had a sense that something was not quite right with it, but I had done all I could.

By Wednesday morning I had received my first reply.  After encouraging me, she nailed the one thing I, too, felt was unfinished.  The only thing that wasn’t yet vivid was Jesus!  I needed to flesh him out.  I stayed home that morning for one final session.  But by noon when I had to leave, I was in tears.  I felt like I had written myself into a corner and couldn’t find my way out.  Dashing out the door, I realized that I had left my phone behind. Oh, no, did I put it in the wash? Running back inside I pulled the wet clothes out of the washer one by one.  No phone.  Great, but where is it?  No more time to look, but as I drove away, more urgent, unfinished tasks kept spilling into my mind.

Right there, in my car,  the Spirit brought God’s lively word to mind.  God’s love filtered through Paul’s tender words to the Philippians: Daughter, whom I love and long for, my joy and my crown, stand firm in me right now.  You are in danger from this anxiety.  Stand against it.  Ask me everything, every little thing that is on your heart.  Have I ever failed you?  Thank me. As I began to do that, his peace crept back in, request  by request.  Throughout the day his peace kept anxiety at bay.

Thursday I was ready with new ideas to repair the flaw.  But I awoke with a migraine. By afternoon I was again battling anxiety with prayer, but still the flaw wouldn’t fix.  Mark was home, so I finally burst into his study and asked him for help.  In short sequence he found the problem, typed in several paragraphs, gave me my main statement, and got me over the hump.  The rest flowed in short order as the headache dissipated.

When I finished I realized that God had answered my prayers, but differently than I had expected.  I thought he would give me help directly, but instead he used Mark.  I didn’t like that because I wanted to do it ” by self.”  After receiving Mark’s help, I realized that God had removed any opportunity for boasting.  He knew that pride was as big a danger as anxiety, and he had kindly rescued me from it.  I wasn’t even aware of the danger.  Praise him with me for his great love, wisdom, and power to save!

How has God rescued you this week from many dangers, toils, and snares?  If you get a chance, tell us, so we can rejoice in him together.

3 comments on “Waiting for a Savior

  1. Becca Jane Elmore says:

    Momsi –
    I am glad God used Dad to answer your prayers, and also that He gave you peace amidst your “many things.”

  2. Charissa McElroy says:

    First, thank you Rondi for the most deeply meaningful writing I have read in a while! I especially can really, really relate to, “more urgent, unfinished tasks kept spilling into my mind!” happens to me every day, although I have never thought of them as a snare before! Reading the paragraph where God spoke to you through Philippians that starts out “daughter,” brought tears to my eyes each time I read it! So tender. It’s hard for me to imagine that God feels that tenderly for me and would talk to me like that.

    God has rescued me last week from many dangers, especially myself! My grief over mom sometimes comes out at weird times, like standing in line at the grocery store, or in weird ways, like taking the form of anger. Yes, I am even so weak as to be angry at mom sometimes and show it. I really need help swallowing it. I stopped and asked God to change my attitude and make me more humble and gentle and feminine and not so aggressive and having to be right all the time, especially towards my mom and brother, a few times last week, and I was delivered, and asked for forgiveness, wow, I suddenly thought right now that I have not yet asked forgiveness of God, just my family. Ok — I’ll do that! Thank you God! Anyway, yes, God has been delivering me from myself!

    Its hard for me to even acknowledge that I’m in a place of deep need right now. I wish I could just flit about my day, planning lunches and play dates and doing laundry “yeah, lets get together, that would be fun” but I want to say no to everything and just curl up in the fetal position and hide somewhere dark. I don’t have the strength to just do normal things right now.

    Betty (my mom!) says: If God hadn’t released Charissa and my son Steve from their struggles (with inability to lift themselves from their different burdens utilizing the power we have in the spirit) it would have been “sorrow on top of sorrow” for me. Phil. 2:27: “But God had mercy on him, and not only on him but on me also, lest I should have sorrow upon sorrow.”

    • rondi says:

      Yes, it was a tender moment when God made that Scripture personal to me in the car. I also have trouble believing that he loves me so personally. But really his purpose in saving us was to bring us near to him. With sin out of the way, repented of and forgiven because of Christ’s work, now he can draw us near, as he originally intended. Keep coming back to that. I know he wants to comfort you and surprise you with his presence during this raw time.

      Thank you for sharing so openly about your struggles, your sin, your repentance, and God’s work. Let your need be the path to your Savior. Don’t waste a minute trying to save yourself. The struggles are normal for these deep waters. We are praying for you and your mom.

      Betty, I’m so glad God has comforted you by releasing Charissa and Steve from their struggles. Your time with them right now is a huge means of grace in their lives. His mercy is over all the details. Grace and peace to you sister.