Galatian Vacation

OK everybody.  You get another week to catch up.  The preaching schedule changed and yesterday’s sermon wasn’t on Galatians. It was on responsibility, authority, and accountability.  For review and further thoughts see Mark’s blog post for this week.  The sermon should be posted soon.

The coming sermon (on March 25) will cover Galatians 3:6-14.  So you can spend the week reviewing last week’s passage, or catching up on previous passages.  Reread the book and marinate in its wonderful truth about our Savior.  Enjoy going back to answer questions you had to skip or journal thoughts you’ve had along the way.  The schedule on the first Galatians post will continue to be updated whenever it changes.

If you want to pick up something to read alongside Galatians, Scandalous Freedom by Steve Brown develops the idea of our freedom in Christ in categories that I find very relevant.

See you next Monday.

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    The sermon is now posted: