Galatians 4:1-7 continued…

This week we will follow up on Sunday’s passage.  Not only is there more to feast on…the feast will strengthen you to live as a son or daughter in the week ahead. This post was written by Pastor Mark.

Do you know what time it is? Yesterday we looked at Galatians 4.1-7.

We discovered it was about what time it is.  Paul is telling us that we live in the time of fulfillment.  God has kept his promise to us.  Christ came at the right time and we are no longer like children who have no rights.  We are adult sons.

It is remarkable that Christ redeems us from the curse of a broken law.  It is more remarkable that he does not just forgive us, or make us slaves.  God makes us sons. We share in Jesus’ Sonship.  His name, his rights, his access to the Father, and his inheritance is now ours.  And God sent the Spirit of his Son to us that we might experience Sonship.

What now? God has made us sons through Christ.  Now we are to live like sons, and not go back to live like slaves.

We do this by acting on our sonship.  It is good to remind ourselves of the Gospel, but it is also good to act upon the Gospel.  Remember the Israelites were called to cross the Jordan, into the promised land.  They had to step into the River for the waters to part.  They could have preached the power of God to themselves a long time, but they were to act upon the promise of God and taste it.  They stepped and the waters parted.  They experienced the promise and the power.
So it is with us: We are sons, now we must act like sons. We are to write checks on our inheritance.  God is pleased when we drive around in the gifts of grace.

One way to do that is to ask boldly for our Father to do his kingdom work in us.  Here’s a diagnostic question:  what would be the impact on the kingdom of God if all our prayers were answered today?  How many people would come to faith? How many believers would grow in Christ? Ask boldly. Ask God for large things, for great growth in godliness, for opportunities for the Gospel, for conversions.  Ask God so boldly, that if he answered, there would be significant expansion of his kingdom.

Another way to live out our sonship is to trust boldly.  He calls us to trust our Father and be done with fretting and anxiety.  He calls us to act upon the promise of God’s provisions with bold faith.  Trust boldly. Act upon the promise of his faithfulness.  Cease worrying and being stressed out.  Believe in his promised care and use the time spent in worrying to serve others.

Finally, he calls us to speak boldly — to love and to serve and to tell others about Christ.  He calls us to put away  our fears.  Speak boldly. Open your mouth and apologize.  Open your mouth and speak the Gospel to others.

This week’s questions. So, this week, consider more deeply what it means to be sons.  You have the same status as Christ.  You cannot be more secure. You cannot have a higher position.  You cannot be richer.  Then consider what it would look like to live this out.

  1. What does it mean that you are fully adopted sons of God? Is there anything about that you find had to believe?
  2. What would you ask for if you asked boldly, as a son?
  3. What would it look like for you to trust boldly, as a son?
  4. What would it look like for you to act boldly, to speak the Gospel to others, as a son?

I want to encourage you to use these questions in your personal time with the Lord and in your family and home groups.   Let us know how God works!

2 comments on “Galatians 4:1-7 continued…

  1. Natalie says:

    Our church is struggling. Sickness, financially, and it seems the Lord is moving our family to another church…our current Pastor needs to care for his wife. I am so encouraged by these questions. I will be sharing them with my sisters and brothers. This can be a temptation to depression for many in the body. Thank you. I believe and trust in our Great God, by His grace we are feeling Peace in Him.

  2. rondi says:

    I’m so glad what Mark wrote encouraged your faith. Our adoption as sons and daughters brings with it a flood of privileges! Your Father knows what you need. Your Father himself loves you. Your Father always the prayers of his children, because he always hears the prayers of his Son. Count on it!

    Grace and peace to you, your family, and your church.