Galatians: Freedom in Christ

We are continuing to bask in the truth we’ve learned from our study of Galatians this spring.  How are you enjoying your freedom in Christ?  Drop me an email and let me know: [email protected] Meredith Bowman reflects on what she learned in today’s post.

What if I told you that after you finished this study on Galatians you must take a test on how well you have applied what you learned? How would that make you feel?

I know how I would feel. And if you’re anything like me, you would be having some level of anxiety ranging from butterflies in your stomach to a full on panic attack. My mind would dart back and forth, quickly surveying my life for at least one example of where I did well. “Phew! Found one.” But my relief would be short lived when I realize that I need more than one good example to pass the test. I need a perfect score. I can hear my drowning plea: “Can I do some extra credit to improve my grade? Pretty please?”


During my college career, I loved taking electives. My choices were based on two requirements: fun and EASY! I was counting on these classes to give me some relief from the heavier studying in my major and boost my GPA (which was in serious need of some boosting!).

There was one class that grabbed my attention but met only one of my requirements. It was a senior level Nutrition class. I was very interested in learning the material but I knew the science/chemistry focus was not my strength and the low grade I anticipated would kill my GPA.

Thankfully my university offered an alternative. I was allowed to take one elective Pass/Fail. As long as I did just enough to pass, I would get credit for the class. But there would be no grade assigned to either help or hurt my GPA. Being confident I could pass, I signed up.

Freedom from Failure

That semester was a blast. I experienced a freedom that I didn’t know I could have in school. I was studying to learn the material because I wanted to, not because I was being judged on how well I performed.

My perception of the professor changed too. He was no longer someone that would be evaluating me and deciding my fate. I no longer had to work hard to please him. He became my teacher again, the person who had mastered the subject and from whom I could now learn.

His Perfect Report Card

This is almost a perfect example of what I have learned from our Galatians study. The only difference is when we take our test we cannot fail! Jesus has already taken the test and has gotten a perfect score. Which means we now have a perfect score too!

This understanding has changed my life. When I look at my Bible sitting on the table, I can see the huge A+ written in red ink across the cover. The test is over. The grade has been given. Now I can open those pages and begin to learn the material without the pressure of being graded for my performance.

Thank you Rondi for your hours and hours invested in this blog. You have masterfully opened up this book for me and I have been cemented in my freedom as a result. Thank you!!!

3 comments on “Galatians: Freedom in Christ

  1. Charissa McElroy says:

    Meredith, you say we aren’t being “graded for our performance” anymore, but aren’t we? Aren’t there different levels of responsibility, placement, positions, etc., in heaven based on what we did here? Aren’t there consequences that God lets us have while still on earth for our “performance?”

    • Meredith says:

      Hi Charisa!

      Thank you so much for these questions! I just saw your comments today when I went back to the blog for the new fall study.

      Your questions are great ones. And I’m glad you asked them in relation to my post because it helped me see that I wasn’t clear enough with my words. I wasn’t diving into the topic of heavenly rewards or earthly consequences with my analogy. I was simply trying to disconnect my performance with God’s love for me.

      After I became a Christian it took me years to believe that God loved me the same on my good days as well as on my bad days. I was viewing God’s love and acceptance of me based on my works, instead of the work that Jesus had already done for me on the cross. I have better understood God’s grace through the book of Galatians. Now I know that I have perfect standing with God because of Jesus’ righteousness, not my own. That’s where my A+ comes from! The work that Jesus did of perfectly fulfilling the law on my behalf.

      Thanks again for your questions! I hope my answers clarified the intention of my post.

      ~ Meredith 🙂

  2. rondi says:

    Hi Charissa,
    Rondi here. That’s a great point. There is no question that believers are evaluated for their lives and rewarded appropriately. Matthew 25 makes that clear.
    But our performance does not affect our standing with God. We are sons of God fully through Christ.
    That was probably the point of the post.

    We’ll be starting up our fall study soon. Keep an eye out!
    Hope all is well.