Colossians 1:15-23 Preview: Who is This Jesus?

Here are two quotes to spur you on as you study this week:

On the fulness of Jesus I live this day


God is my God and Father. He is perfectly reconciled to me, and my conscience is at peace with him, through faith in his beloved Son. He loves me in him. Father, Son, and Spirit have covenanted to make me an heir of God and a joint heir with Christ.

I do not expect any new title to these inestimable graces. My claim is good and valid under Christ. I would not disparage it by supposing that my close walk with God was to make any atonement for my sins or to be the least part of my justifying righteousness. I have these already, and perfectly, too, in Jesus.

The enjoyment of them is the thing I want. I am seeking for more of that peace with, and love to, the Father, to which I am entitled in his Son. His fulness, the fulness of him that fills all in all, is mine. On the fulness of Jesus I live this day. Out of it I hope to be receiving every grace which I shall want for my safe and happy walk with his Father, and my Father.

— William RomaineThe Walk of Faith




His fulness for our emptiness


Revival is Jesus bringing the fulness of His life into the emptiness of ours. For every lack in us there is a corresponding grace in Him. He is light for our darkness, life for our death, bread for our hunger, living water for our thirst, rest for our striving, wisdom of God for our foolishness and fellowship for our loneliness.

— Stanley VokePersonal Revival(Waynesboro, GA: OM Literature), 67

Have a great week! See you next Wednesday.

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