Salads and the magic of 3


I love to make salads. When we  go to a potluck, that’s what I bring. When I’m invited to dinner and offer to help, that’s what I’m asked for.

My daughter hates making salads. She’s got three small children. Dinner goes in the crock pot in the morning when she can still think straight. Dinner time is kamikaze hour. Who has time to make a salad? And even if you do, who will eat it?

Here’s a salad idea that even a harassed mom can use. It’s simple. All you have to remember is the number 3.

The Greens

Start with 3 kinds of greens.

That means, instead of buying a big bag of premixed chopped salad made of iceberg, carrots, and red cabbage, buy 3 different bags or kinds of greens. Think crunch, color, punch (of flavor). For example:

  • Romaine (crunch), spinach (color), and basil (punch). That’s right, fresh basil, not just as an herb, but as part of the greens.
  • Shredded cabbage (crunch), Red leaf lettuce (color),  green onion (punch)
  • Kale (crunch), Spring mix (color), arugula (punch)

It’s kind of fun to go through the  produce section with those 3 words in mind–crunch, color, punch. Just don’t punch anyone if you get frustrated with this little game.

The Toppings

Next add 3 toppings.

  • a fruit
  • a nut
  • a cheese

You probably know some good combinations from your favorite soup and salad restaurant. Here are some I like:

  • grapefruit, pistachios, feta
  • pears, pecans, blue cheese
  • blueberries, almonds, goat cheese
  • tomatoes, pine nuts, Parmesan

You get the idea. Try it and see how easy it is.

Three’s a good number, because I can actually remember three things without looking at the recipe. On a good day.

Next time I’ll give you some 3 ingredient salad dressings…



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