Thanking God for What I Don’t Have

Happy Thanksgiving! This article was forwarded to me by my sister…enjoy!



At this time of year some of us will share what we are thankful for…being thankful for what we have. Think of thankfulness a little differently. Think of what you are thankful you don’t have.

I am thankful that I don’t have….

· strengths alone, but also weaknesses, for it is in those weaknesses that I experience my Creator’s strength.

· perfection – complete perfection awaits us in Heaven.

· limitless riches, possessions or wealth – for that would be a great temptation to forget that God is our greatest treasure who meets all our needs through Jesus Christ.

· the worry about being alone – for nothing can separate us from the love of God.

· to make the decision of what is truth, for He has said He is the way, the truth and the life.

· all the time in the world…heaven knows what I would do with it. Jesus is our Alpha and Omega – the beginning and the end. He is the God of perfect timing.

· all knowledge – God alone knows all.

· independence from being dependent on God. We were created to be dependent, experiencing the fullness and abundance of God.

· limited grace and mercy from God. My cup overflows…His mercy and grace are limitless.

· a God who is distant, but is as close as my heart.

· the right to judge, God alone does.

· to live with the guilt of my sin – it too has been removed as far as the east is from the west.

· to have eloquent or perfect words to talk to God. To Him, even a single word spoken sincerely is music to His ears and heart.

· the worry if I am worth it – God says I am and that’s the bottom line.

· to live with my failures because His tender mercies are new every morning.

· to have faith in myself or others, but am called to have faith in Christ alone.

· the burden of saving myself, Christ did when He died and rose to life for me.

And thinking of dinners, thanksgiving feasts or banquets….I am thankful that I don’t have…..

· the responsibility of the banquet table and celebration that awaits us in Heaven. Can you imagine trying to figure out who will sit by whom, marshmallows or not on the sweet potato casserole, or what the perfect desert will be? Christ has gone ahead of us, is preparing a place for us, and has the banquet all worked out!

Therefore, I am thankful for so many things I have…and don’t have,
but I am most thankful I have Christ.

Kris Azlin,

Pastoral Care

Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women

Memphis, Tennessee


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