Good News for Noisy Egos

In my 30’s I went through a painful identity crisis. It lasted for several years.

silent scream

The last child had entered grade school. I had a chunk of free time each day, and I thought,

Finally. Now it’s my time to start that great career I’ve been putting off.

But in agony I began to realize I didn’t know what to do with the gift of time I’d been given. Free time didn’t give me a sense of freedom, instead I began to feel increasingly tangled in weeds of panic. Where was that career hiding that I thought would fill the empty spot? My children still needed me to be available to them. What calling could fit my schedule that would also fill the hole in my soul?

It turned out I didn’t want a career, I craved an identity. Who am I? That was the question that tortured my days and interrupted my nights.

The gospel, which had saved me in my teens turned out to be the answer to that question, too. Though it’s a once-for-ever answer, I don’t experience it once for all in my soul. I need to feed on the gospel truth of my identity in Christ daily. That’s the only thing that will tame the beast inside. That’s the good news that will quiet my noisy ego, one day at a time.

And that’s why I want to link to this post by Jeff Block from the blog Dropping Keys. It’s food for my gospel identity.


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