It Is Finished!

“It is finished!” That was the triumphant cry of Jesus on the cross.


How did he summon the breath to utter that cry? How did he find the saliva in his parched mouth to get those words out? Perhaps it was the final miracle of his earthly life. Like everything else in his incarnation, he did it for us.

Did he need to tell the Father that it was finished? No, the Father knew that the full price for our redemption had been paid in real time and for eternity. He had planned it and it had gone off just as he had planned.

Did he need to announce it to himself, celebrating out loud the end of his sufferings and the completion of his mission? No, he lived before the Father, submitting every word and deed to the Father’s will. He didn’t do anything on a whim, when the mood struck him.

Then why did he say it? Why did the Father will him to say it?

For us. For those who stood beneath the cross that day and for everyone of us down through history who looks up at the cross of Christ and asks, “Is it really finished?”

The Cry of Freedom

“It is finished!” is the cry of freedom I need to hear everyday of my fallen, stumbling, fearful life. Otherwise I act like it’s not finished. Like it’s still all up to me to somehow get my act together and help God out.

If you’re like me, needing to hear the good news again and again, then here’s an Easter gift for your inbox. Liberate 2015 has posted the messages from their February conference. Hear “It is Finished” delivered six times for the pastors pre-conference and ten times during the conference.

It’ll make you sing, dance, and laugh out loud!

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