A Little Announcement

Dear blog friends. I have some exciting news to tell you…I’m pregnant!


With a book!

Some of you may need to sit down for a minute. The mental image of a pregnant grandmother might be a little much. Sorry about that.

But I think the image fits the situation. When I was first offered the contract, I was all atwitter. Oh, my goodness! I’m going to have a book! I hugged the news to myself and only told my husband. And my dog.

Then the contract arrived in the mail. That’s when the butterflies went from flitting around my stomach with happy anticipation to careening around like kamikaze bomber pilots. I put the signed contract in the mail and sat down at my computer, staring at the empty screen.

About that time the morning sickness began. How on earth am I going to do this thing? I ate some saltines. Then I wondered if I was rushing things. Maybe I needed another decade or so to prepare.  Am I ready to be a first time book mom? Eventually impostor syndrome kicked in. Do these people know what they’re doing by trusting me to carry this baby to term?

I thought of finding a surrogate writer to help with gestation. Or at least a birth coach. It was going to be a long labor. And my husband definitely would need prayer.

The Great Good News

But finally I realized what I needed was to apply the gospel to this writing project. The gospel isn’t just good news for my bad news–my sins, failings, sufferings, and weakness–it’s great news for my good news.

The gospel is the  great news of what God has done for me in Jesus. The extent of what he has done is so vast that I will never get to the end of it, and I will never get tired of praising him for it. Everything God has done stays done. I don’t need to be afraid it will go away. I don’t need to roll up my sleeves and help. I don’t need to add my personal touch to it.

I need to rest in his finished work:

  • His work of redemption–he has paid for all my sin debts and redeemed my very life from futility. My life is not in vain no matter what I am called to do. If I’m a stay at home mom or a first time author or a cancer fighter or a migraine sufferer, my labor is not in vain if I am in Christ. A change of calling doesn’t change that for better or for worse.
  • His work of new creation–he has taken my old life and made it completely new. Now my identity is rooted in Christ, not in vulnerable things like what I accomplish or in changeable things like my looks or in broken things like my dysfunctional phobias.

The Root of My Confidence

I could go on and on. But here’s where it applies to me today. My “morning sickness” pointed to a crisis of confidence. It showed that I had shifted my dependence from God to myself, my abilities. Not just for the success of the project but for my very identity. I wasn’t aware my trust had shifted. I didn’t do it on purpose. But it  had and I felt it.

At this point I don’t need a pep talk  like “you can do this” or a worst case scenario talk  like “what’s the worst thing that can happen?” I need to shift my full weight back onto the God of the gospel.

I need my confidence to rest in the One who did the great work:

  • the One “who loved me and gave himself up for me” won’t pick this moment to pack up and leave.
  • the One “who created me in Christ Jesus” has prepared this work for me and me for this work. He knows what he is doing.

Now my exciting news feels like good news again.


9 comments on “A Little Announcement

  1. To God Be The Glory says:

    Amen Dear Sister!

  2. BeckyP says:

    Rondi, so happy for your birth announcement!! Hmm, I’ll have to think of an appropriate gift for a book shower! Yes, absolutely, Jesus is with you in this and prepared this Good Work for you – from before the foundations of the world! That’s what gets me going in the mornings!

    • Rondi says:

      Thanks, Becky…and I love how you state your confidence in him for me!

      • Nancy says:

        Awesome Rondi! Wishing you a God- assisted labor and delivery! Isn’t it just like birthing our children – we do all the “work” and the husband proudly displays the new baby!)

  3. Charlotte says:

    Hooray, Rondi! I’m excited for what the Lord will birth through you and how it will help others (like me). Can’t wait to read it!

    • Rondi says:

      Thanks Char! I’m so happy to be writing for my friends both near and far… Was very encouraged by your recent prayer letter, too. Keeping on. What a good word.

  4. Sammie says:

    Thank you for your honest encouragement. Whilst encouraging yourself in Christ you have also reminded me that no matter what my Earthly circumstances, I am loved, redeemed, precious, ransomed, justified and accepted regardless of what my body is going through. To tell others of the Gift of Christ and His love for me is THE most important purpose I will ever have for living, alongside worshipping and thanking Him who gave everything for me. Thank you for your much needed, timely encouragement. Sammie x

    • Rondi says:

      You’re welcome Sammie. And thanks for the link to your blog! It’s yummy…