Found In Him: Scripture for Chapter 2

Last week I had three goals for our study–to open our hearts, open Elyse’s book, and open our Bibles.


If you’re doing this study with a friend or small group, you might consider how to do that in your group. If you’re studying on your own, you might consider writing personal notes to the Lord in the margins or at the end of the chapter.

I was glad to hear from several of you that last week’s Scripture was just the right amount for a daily devotional. May God bless your time in his Word and in Elyse’s book as we contemplate the manger.

Chapter 2: Come Adore on Bended Knee

Day 1: Matthew 13:53-56, John 7:3-5. Do you come from a dysfunctional family that still treats you like a kid? Are you a nobody in your hometown? Jesus knows how that feels. Tell him everything and ask him for help today.

Day 2: Hebrews 2:17, Philippians 2:5-8. Your physical life began at conception. So did his. Imagine a photo album of his baby pictures, the newborn, first smile, first steps, first everything. Take some time to worship the God who became a baby.

Day 3: Matthew 1:19-25. Who picked your name? What does it mean? Do you like it and try to live up to it? Do you ever feel ashamed of your name or your failure to live up to it? Jesus was named by the Father. Our Savior lived up to the holiness and suffering that was required by his name, from his first day to his last. For you and me.

Day 4: Luke 2:40, Hebrews 1:9. This day is my favorite. Write out the 4 phrases from Luke 2:40, then add Hebrews 1:9. Think about your children or your own childhood and write one example of each aspect of growing up: growth, strength, wisdom, favor of God, gladness. Jesus grew in all this ways. Think about that and tell your children.

Day 5: Luke 2:52, Hebrews 5:8. Learning requires work, growing pains are real. Do you remember a painful lesson from your childhood or teen years? Take time to think about that. Jesus learned through suffering, too, one day at a time. That’s why he’s a perfect Savior for you and me. Take a moment to thank him.

Enjoy the Scriptures and Chapter 2. I’ll check in with you again on Friday…

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