Found In Him: Scripture for Chapter 9

A young man I know picked up his girlfriend from work and took her to the airport. “Where are we going?” “Costa Rica.”


When they got there, he took her to the beach and proposed.

That’s how we want to be loved. Passionately, completely, sacrificially. And that’s how Jesus loves us.

In Chapter 9 of Found In Him we’ll continue to focus on marriage as the truest expression of our nearness to Jesus. Jesus is the one who loves me with deep passion and full commitment. But what does it mean to me today that “my maker is my husband?” That’s what we’re going to chew on.

Bring your hunger to be loved to these Scriptures and let them satisfy your soul. Jesus loves you in all the ways you want to be loved, and far beyond.

Day 1. Isaiah 54:5-8. Chosen. Read the passage. Who is this husband? Describe him. What does it feel like to be chosen, called? Was there a time when you were not chosen–for a sports team, for a party, for love? Take a moment to remember it: What happened? How did you feel?  Now picture that time differently: Jesus there, looking straight at you, seeing you, choosing you. Wrap your heart in his love.

Day 2. 2 Corinthians 11:2-4. Betrothed. What an old fashioned word! But as we get ready to see our Jesus, we are like a young girl preparing for her wedding. Did you think about your wedding day a lot when you were little? What were your dreams? Paul wants us to dream of him, our groom. As we do, our faith will be purified, our hope more sure.

Elyse says, “he longed to present his daughter church to Jesus as a bride with a simple virgin faith, one that had not been pollute by the false religions of works-righteousness, mysticism, or superficial emotionalism (p. 176).”

Take time today to turn from all false saviors and wait eagerly for him.

Day 3. Hosea 2:14. Beloved. Just one verse today. Write it on a card and put it where you can see it. Today he wants to draw you to himself. Today he wants to speak tenderly to you. What are you fearing? Where are you hiding? What are you protecting yourself from? See him pursue you in the places where you hide. Hear the tenderness of his voice, speaking mercy and grace to you. He loves you.

Day 4. Isaiah 65:1, Revelation 22:4. Called by his name. What does Isaiah say he was ready for? Have you found him? That’s because he has found you. What are some of the names of Jesus you know? Write down as many as you can think of. You are called by his name. He is your good name, your identity today.

Day 5. Proverbs 22:1, Jeremiah 23:6. Justified. What good name has God given you in Christ? What names do you tend to call yourself when you’re feeling down or guilty or ashamed? How are you tempted to justify yourself today? He has justified you. You are righteous…in Him. Rest in his justification. Receive his name today. Then live in that. Live in him!

We’re on the last two weeks of our study. Savor it. Our Maker is our husband!

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