The Hungry Bookmark

No, I haven’t written a children’s book…though I could picture a bookmark wiggling along a leaf eating various goodies.

No, this is a real bookmark. It has questions on it to help you see Jesus in your Bible. There are more questions on the back.

Did you know

  • there’s a bookmark inside each print edition of Hungry: Learning to Feed Your Soul with Christ?
  • it’s meant to travel from your book to your Bible to help you see Jesus there?
  • there will only be bookmarks in the first edition of Hungry?

I wanted to make sure you knew.

There’s one more thing I want you to know. If you didn’t get a bookmark because you bought the Kindle edition–or if you lost it, or if your dog ate it, or if the one of the kids used it as a sword and it didn’t survive the battle, you can download a PDF version of it and make a copy for yourself on card stock. Or you can make a bunch so all the kids can have swords. You can also find the bookmark for yourself under Resources.

Now you know.

I want to make sure the tools I give you in the book will stay with you for a long time. I want you catch a glimpse of Jesus in his saving beauty over and over and over, until you’re not satisfied with anything else.