Like the disciples, a child gazes at the sea

Grace for the Asking: Applying Mark 6

Grace is ours for the asking, because our Savior paid in advance. May today's post spur your gratitude this Thanksgiving Day.

Questions, Innocent and Otherwise: Studying Mark 6

Jesus visits his hometown and finds their questions to be anything but innocent. What stopped him from doing miracles there?

The Silent Scream: Applying Mark 5

In Mark 5 we see Jesus cross the Sea of Galilee in response to the inarticulate cry of one man. He hears our cry, too.

The Desperate: Studying Mark 5

Jesus heard the cries of the desperate, and came near to save them. Come hear their cries and add your own.

The King Announced: Applying Mark 4

  We've been studying the Gospel of Mark together. As we studied chapter 4, we saw the King beginning to unveil his presence slowly through a series of parables. It was subtle, so much so that his calming of the violent storm took…