small laughing boy with Bible

Why I Don’t Read My Bible

Why don't I read my Bible? Let's talk about why and what to do about it.

The Smell Test: Studying Mark 7

Do you feel unclean when you do certain things? Smelly? Gross? Join us for Mark's Gospel answer.

Hungry For the Wrong Kind of Food

What do you reach for when you’re hungry?  No really, what? We all have physical cravings that drive us to our favorite junk food.  But we also have spiritual cravings that send us in search of a quick fix for our souls. Starved.  That’s…
Photo by Trust "Tru" Katsande on Unsplash

Rhythms for 2020: A Meditation on Mark 6

Photo by Trust "Tru" Katsande on Unsplash   I could hear the steady rhythms of feet pounding on treadmills long before I saw them. Of course, I thought as I rounded the corner, it's the first Monday in January. Everyone and her…

A Wilderness Song for the New Year

Instead of pounding out a list of resolutions, why not start this new year with a song of joy?