Mountain Top Experience: Studying Mark 9

Photo by Jonathon Reed on Unsplash   Is the mountain top worth the climb? You bet. Even when it meant a twenty-four hour bus ride from Memphis to Denver to the retreat center. It was summer 1973. I was almost seventeen. I had…

How Freely He Loves Us: Applying Mark 8

In Mark 8, Jesus turns toward the cross. Why did he do it? What compelled him?
Upset mom gripping steering wheel

Upset with His Disciples: Studying Mark 8

What makes you mad? Do you think Jesus was ever upset with his disciples? Find out what his holy anger looks like and what brings him joy.

Clean or Dirty?: Applying Mark 7

Photo by Obi Onyeador on Unsplash   What makes you feel clean or dirty? In Mark 7 Jesus challenges our definition of "dirty" and shows us how he willing he is to make us clean. "I feel gross, really gross," a friend confided.…