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God used Rondi's hungers--for life, love, fame, and fortune--to drive her into the arms of her Savior, Jesus Christ, before she finished high school. Forty years later she's more confident than ever that Jesus can satisfy and save her from anything. She is married to Mark Lauterbach, has 3 married children, 4 grandchildren, and a labradoodle named Sasha.

Advent: A Seed of Suspicion, A Seed of Promise

The first sin of the first man brought death and ruin to us all. But God’s response was to bring hope through a promise.

Grace for the Asking: Applying Mark 6

Grace is ours for the asking, because our Savior paid in advance. May today’s post spur your gratitude this Thanksgiving Day.

Questions, Innocent and Otherwise: Studying Mark 6

Jesus visits his hometown and finds their questions to be anything but innocent. What stopped him from doing miracles there?

The Silent Scream: Applying Mark 5

In Mark 5 we see Jesus cross the Sea of Galilee in response to the inarticulate cry of one man. He hears our cry, too.

Desperate: Studying Mark 5

Jesus heard the cries of the desperate, and came near to save them. Come hear their cries and add your own.

Applying Mark 3: Asked to Give a Good Word

The gospel is good news and a eulogy is a good word. When you’re asked to give a good word, give the gospel.

Studying Mark 3: Rising Tension

Are you preoccupied with the drama of your life? Take a break and immerse yourself in the high drama of the Gospel of Mark!

Applying Mark 2: Derailed By Dread

Nothing derails my day like a poor night’s sleep. And nothing ruins my sleep more easily than dread of what