The cover of a book, In Albert's Shadow, about Mileva Maric
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Hidden Partner: Albert Einstein’s First Wife

A hidden life can yield an extraordinary legacy, even without the public recognition it may deserve
Finding life inside the limits

My Limits: How Can I Embrace Them This Fall?

Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash Summer break is over. It's back to school. Or work. Time to stop and think about your limits before you commit. What will your knee jerk response be, “yes” or “no”? Commitments come in…
Time enough for bible study
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Is 15 Minutes Enough?

  How many minutes is enough for Bible study? I'm talking Bible study, not just reading. Pen in hand, notebook beside open Bible. How much is enough for that? One hour a day? That's what many Women's Bible studies suggest. A…