remembering Dick Wahlstrom

Remembering Dick: A Legacy of Love

Dick Wahlstrom, complete with suspenders, and son David Remembering our friend Dick Wahlstrom, who entered Christ’s presence on May 21, 2020, made us laugh. That’s because the first thing we remembered was his laugh, which started…

The House that Love Built

Photo by Mathyas Kurmann on Unsplash “Unless the LORD builds the house,” sings the Psalmist. “Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.” When I was eleven, I watched the walls of our…
The hidden life can be beautiful

Why Do I Resist a Hidden Life?

The Corona virus has forced us all into a hidden life, not just for ourselves, but to protect our neighbor. How will you and I manage it?

Praising and Raising “Glory Monsters” Part 2

We've been talking about how excessive praising produces "glory monsters." If that's true, how do we avoid raising our children to crave praise? We have to start with ourselves. Our own craving must be addressed before we can help our…

Praising and Raising “Glory Monsters” Part 1

In a world of selfies, how can we avoid raising little "glory monsters"? Should we mute the praise button? If not, how can our praise fill up rather than puff up our children? The morning we picked up our grandchildren from their summer…