Clean or Dirty?: Applying Mark 7

What makes you feel clean or dirty? In Mark 7 Jesus challenges our definition of "dirty" and shows us how he willing he is to make us clean."I feel gross, really gross," a friend confided. Immediately I wondered if she had binged on junk…

Why I Don’t Read My Bible

Why don't I read my Bible? Let's talk about why and what to do about it.

The Smell Test: Studying Mark 7

Do you feel unclean when you do certain things? Smelly? Gross? Join us for Mark's Gospel answer.

Hungry For the Wrong Kind of Food

What do you reach for when you’re hungry?  No really, what? We all have physical cravings that drive us to our favorite junk food.  But we also have spiritual cravings that send us in search of a quick fix for our souls.Starved.  That’s…

Day 18: Spiritual Junk Food

Welcome back to the 31 day meditation, Hungry Souls, True Food, used by permission of Haven Ministries/Anchor Devotional. Today we're going to talk about junk food.Day 11 sent us off on a discussion of the Wilderness. To continue…

The Hungry Bookmark

No, I haven't written a children's book...though I could picture a bookmark wiggling along a leaf eating various goodies.No, this is a real bookmark. It has questions on it to help you see Jesus in your Bible. There are more questions…