Creating Common Ground: How to Help a Sick Friend

How do you create common ground with a chronically sick friend? Serving requires creativity. An act of service can be a work of art.

Lost Your Job? You Could Be on Holy Ground

Photo by Matt Noble on UnsplashIf you lost your job today, how would you respond? Our knee jerk response to any crisis isn’t simply the product of a single moment, but the result of habits formed by many moments. Each…

Interrupted: How Scripture Prepared Mary to Say Yes

Has your life been interrupted by the quarantine? Are you wondering how you will manage? Join me in finding surprising courage from the life of Mary.
The cover of a book, In Albert's Shadow, about Mileva Maric
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Hidden Partner: Albert Einstein’s First Wife

A hidden life can yield an extraordinary legacy, even without the public recognition it may deserve
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Sow What? The Quarantine Opportunity

The quarantine opens opportunities for sowing good seed into our family, neighborhood and beyond. Start small and ask God to make it grow.
How can you say no to this face?

Rhythms for 2020: A Meditation on Mark 6

I could hear the steady rhythms of feet pounding on treadmills long before I saw them. Of course, I thought as I rounded the corner, it's the first Monday in January. Everyone and her cousin is back at the gym. Guess I'll have to wait my turn.Another…
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Saying “Yes” Takes Faith: Who Am I Trusting?

Saying "Yes" comes naturally to born optimists. We wake up smiling, bound out of bed, and say "yes" to the day. But others of us are more cautious. "No" is our first response to the day's demands, starting with our alarm clock. Groan.…
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Saying “No” Takes Practice: Here’s Some Practical Help

How can you say no to this face?You’ve just returned from summer vacation, rested, refreshed, and raring to go. Saying "no" doesn't feel as necessary as it did when you were exhausted.Then the phone rings. “Welcome back! Hope…
How can you say no to this face?

Playing it Safe: The Need to Expand My Capacity

Do you find you're playing it safe these days? When someone asks you to volunteer, do you shake your head? Saying “no” when I should say “yes” may indicate a need to expand my capacity. That requires faith.In my last post we talked…
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My Limits: How Can I Embrace Them This Fall?

Summer break is over. It's back to school. Or work. Time to stop and think about your limits before you commit. What will your knee jerk response be, “yes” or “no”?Commitments come in many shapes and sizes. "Can you be room mom…