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Let’s study Philippians!

Today, October 1, we get to start our study of Philippians.  Because it’s Friday and weekend schedules can be unpredictable,

First the bad news…

On Wednesday I found out I am not just a teacher.  I need the book of Philippians.  I woke up

He Loves Me Like That?

So many great comments on this week’s passage!  Thank you for what you’ve shared so far.  You would think studying

It’s not as bad as you think.

The phone call jangled not just my ears but my faith.  This dear family had moved to Tucson for the


Mike stayed with us this week.  He is a percussionist, a relative through David’s wife, and a brother in Christ.

His courage…his love…his mind

Thank you for sharing your observations and personal responses to this week’s passage.  Now that Paul has begun exhorting, the