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Psalm 139: Infinite and Intimate

Today’s post was written by Becky Hofseth.  Thanks, Becky, for sharing these thoughts with us… I love Psalm 139. In

Psalm 139: Known…and loved

We have come to our last psalm of this study.  Hasn’t it been amazing to see the depth and diversity

Psalm 110: Treasure from a friend

Today’s post was written my Meredith Bowman.  Thanks, Meredith, for sharing this nugget with us… Rondi was sure right when

Psalm 110: Who can fill such big shoes?

Have you ever had this experience?  Someone leaves to go on vacation–your mom, your boss, your principal, (you!)–and her tasks

Psalm 51: Dripping with Gospel

Are you like me in processing this psalm?  David’s sin is big.  It’s scandalous, the stuff of headlines and lawsuits,

Psalm 23: Mary’s Song

Today’s post was written by Lindsay Howard. Thank you, Lindsay, for sharing your reflection with us…

Psalm 23: Singing to the Shepherd

Psalm 23 is not just a psalm. It’s a bone. We often hear we should meditate on Scripture, but that