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Mark 7: The Best Protection

Today’s post, “The Best Protection,”  was written by Meredith Bowman.

Mark 7: Where is that smell coming from?

I had just finished cleaning the house and was walking through the hall to put the vacuum away when I

The Feast That Makes You Clean

Where do we go when we feel dirty, not just once but again and again?

When the Good News Doesn’t Sound Good To Me

When I’m hungry to feel clean, Jesus is the good news, right? But what if the good news of who

Grace To Cleanse Myself

Let’s get practical. Does trusting Jesus to cleanse me mean I never have to go on a diet or start

Seeing Jesus When I Feel Dirty

In my last post we talked bout how eating too much or eating the wrong stuff makes us feel gross.

Hungry to Feel Clean

Have you ever noticed how food can make you feel dirty?