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Day 25: The Satisfied God

Welcome back to the 31 day meditation, Hungry Souls, True Food, used by permission of Haven Ministry/Anchor Devotional. This week we get

Preparing for the Feast of Giving Thanks

“Have a happy holiday!” chirped the sweet young thing as she finished boxing my sweet potatoes.

Found In Him Chapter 10: Where Am I Living?

I held the infant by the hands and leaned forward to lower him into the well.

Mark 8: The Freedom of His Love

Why did the Son of Man have to suffer? And be rejected? And die? And then be raised?

Mark 3: The Privilege of Being Asked To Speak

The church was packed on the day of the funeral.

Me and My Bible

Have you ever been so happy to have the Word of God that you did a little dance with it?

Feast: Soup Glorious Soup

One of the best things about January is soup.

Food That Changes Me

It seems to me that we approach Bible reading as one more area we need to change. But what if

A Feast of Flavor

All this talk of New Year’s diets has made me hungry.