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Hungry for Friends

We’ve moved ten times. Each time my first prayer was for a friend.

The True Friend

If you grew up going to church, you’re used to Jesus being the answer to every question.

Feasting on His Friendship

True friendship is more than a greeting card slogan. The real thing is rare and strengthening and burden lifting. It

Grace To Be A True Friend

“I want to be a true friend to her. But usually I just feel guilty.”

Good News When Friends Fail

I am convinced that the gospel isn’t just good news, it’s better news than I currently realize.

My Table of Friends

Friends and food definitely belong together. One way I think about friendship is to picture my friends gathered around a

Mark 13: Inside the Huddle

I saw them on the first day of junior high. The huddle.

The Potential of Gospel Friendship

“She likes me!”

The Problem with Gospel Friendship

When we put two beautiful words like “gospel” and “friendship” together, our expectations can skyrocket–making the crash that much more

The Practice of Gospel Friendship

How do we do this–make friends for the gospel? Where do we start?