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The Practice of Gospel Friendship

How do we do this–make friends for the gospel? Where do we start?

Am I a Rule-Maker or a Rule-Breaker?

It depends.

Psalm 1 Meditation: When the Power Goes Out

I was sitting down to write this post Thursday when pfffffft…my computer screen went black.

Found In Him: When Hide & Seek Is No Longer a Game

I love to play hide and seek. Yep. Even now as a grandmother, it’s my go to game for my

Mark 12: Beware the Fox-tails!

Sometimes you don’t know what to beware of.

A Little Announcement

Dear blog friends. I have some exciting news to tell you…I’m pregnant!

Mark 6: Crossing the Lake with Jesus

The disciples crossed the Sea of Galilee often as they followed Jesus.

The Taste of Free Grace

Grace. Free grace. Sounds amazing, but what does it mean?

Tasting Grace Changes My Appetite

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,