Seeing Is Believing: From the Eye Witnesses to Us

Is seeing necessary for our faith? Aren’t we supposed to believe without seeing? In last week’s post we explored the words that Jesus said to Thomas, otherwise known as “Doubting Thomas.” Thomas had insisted on seeing his risen…

Does Doubting Thomas Deserve His Name?

  Why do we insist on labeling Thomas the “doubting disciple”? Is he getting a bad rap from history, or does Scripture support our nickname for him? And how does his story encourage us today? After a week of vacation, I’m…

But the Fruit of the Spirit is Love

Photo by Emmanuel Phaeton on Unsplash   Love is the first, best, and greatest of the Spirit's fruit. Why? Because Paul puts it first, of course. Also because John tells us twice in his letter that "God is love" (1 John 4:8, 18). John's…
Do these signs make you sing?

The Unimpressive Shoot Who Makes Us Sing

The election 2020 candidates have all tried to impress us, but it's the unimpressive "shoot from the root of Jesse" who will make us sing. Today we cast our vote. What will tomorrow bring? The end of campaign rhetoric at the very least.…

Real Hope for Real Times Isaiah 9:1-7

Photo by Manny Becerra on Unsplash Sometimes my hope seems like wishful thinking more than the real thing. As we face our nation's elections one week from today, wishful thinking won't cut it. Positivity will fall short. Slogans and campaign…
Three Steps to Worship

Three Steps to Stop a National Crisis: Isaiah 6

Photo by K. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash   Three steps. That's what the advertisers always promise, right? Three easy steps to lose weight, stop smoking, write a best seller or ... (fill in the blank). But what if it's not just a…

Isaiah for Dummies: New Blog Series

image credit Do you feel like a dummy when you open Isaiah? I do. That's why I've entitled this new Blog Bible Study series Isaiah for Dummies. Much like its many practical counterparts-- Windows for Dummies, Football for Dummies, etc.--this…
Fruitful collaboration at the office

The Counter Cultural Gospel at Work

Photo by Headway on Unsplash Talking about Jesus at work can be awkward. But living the counter cultural truths of his gospel can open the door to fruitful conversations. Do you feel the tension of wanting to be faithful to your boss,…
Road and tornado

Whose Energy? Applying Mark 16

Photo by Randy Milanovic on Unsplash How do you get things done? Recently, I realized that anxiety fuels most of my work. Tornado energy, I call it. What other kind is there? Mark alerted me the other day, "Honey, we're almost out of…
Stepping Out into New Territory

Courage for His Son: Applying Mark 9

Jesus needed courage to face the cross, and we need courage to take up our cross and follow. Hear God's word of courage to you today.