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Not Keeping, But Finding Christ in Christmas

I was up too early  this morning–again–my mind peppered with unfinished Christmas tasks. Checked email first. Bad idea. “Doorbusters!! Last

Am I a Rule-Maker or a Rule-Breaker?

It depends.

Psalm 139 Meditation: Infinite and Intimate

How appropriate to finish our Psalms study with a song to our Infinite, Intimate God.

Psalm 19 Meditation: A New Name for God

When I was twelve, I received a birthday present in the mail from my Cousin Betty who lived in Tenafly,

Psalm 23 Meditation: Mary’s Song

Today’s post was written by Lindsay Hellmers about her own dark valley.

Psalm 8 Application: Finding Myself

Did you find yourself singing this Psalm during the week?

Found In Him Chapter 10: Where Am I Living?

I held the infant by the hands and leaned forward to lower him into the well.

Found In Him: Scripture for Chapter 10

We’ve come to the last chapter of Found in Him, the chapter where our “I love you!” comes in response