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Hungry Bible Study Resource: An Interview with enCourage Blog

Good Monday morning to each of you. If you’re looking for a Bible study option this fall or spring, read

Fast Food, Fast Words

Good News for Noisy Egos

In my 30’s I went through a painful identity crisis. It lasted for several years.

Eyewitness of the Spirit

Mark’s eyewitness account of Jesus casting out a troop of demons makes him come alive for us.

The Passionate Marriage

How passionate is your marriage?

Hungry for the Word

Are you looking to spend more time in your Bible this New Year? Are you discouraged because you have small

Finding Christ in Christmas

I was up too early again this morning, my mind peppered with unfinished Christmas tasks.

Expanding Our Capacity

I love the parable of the talents. It’s a paradigm shifter for me as I look at how to live

When I Don’t Want To Study My Bible

I’m just like you. There are days–a lot of days–when it feels hard to open my Bible. What can we

Embracing Our Limits

It’s that time of year—commitment time. When someone asks you to be team mom, or teach third grade Sunday School