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Psalm 139 Meditation: Infinite and Intimate

How appropriate to finish our Psalms study with a song to our Infinite, Intimate God.

Psalm 139 Study: Does God See Me?

When God looks at me, does he see me? or Jesus.

Psalm 110 Meditation: Buried Treasure

Today’s post was written by Meredith Bowman.  Thanks, Meredith, for sharing this nugget with us…

Psalm 110 Study: Who Can Fill These Shoes?

Have you ever tried to fill someone else’s shoes?

Psalm 51 Application: Where “Sorry” Meets Gospel

Sin. Confess. Be forgiven. Repeat.

Psalm 51 Study: How Do I Say I’m Sorry?

What does confession look like in your life?

Psalm 22 Meditation: His Prayers and Mine

What do you do first when you’re in trouble? Pray?  I don’t.

Psalm 22 Study: The Song From the Cross

“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”