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Feast: Soup Glorious Soup

One of the best things about January is soup.

A Feast of Flavor

All this talk of New Year’s diets has made me hungry.

Recipe 8: Spanakopita

Here’s another great recipe from Laura Stenhouse. It’s worth the trouble if you have the time. Thanks Laura!

Recipe 7: Strawberry Bread

More sweeties for your Christmas feast! I’m embracing the sugar bowl for the rest of the season…

Recipe 6: Gingerbread Waffles

The best cooks seem to find the best recipes on the internet. This one was sent to me by my

Recipe 5: Winter Squash with Apples

Just to make sure we eat something besides sweets this Christmas, here’s a lovely recipe from my friend and opera

Recipe 4: Stenhouse Christmas Pancakes

Today’s recipe comes from my friend and faithful prayer partner, Laura Stenhouse. Thank you Laura!

Recipe 3: Giant Cinnamon Roll

For all of us who don’t have time to bake (or can’t) and still want to be awesome…here’s a recipe

Recipe 2: Cranberry Salsa

Today’s recipe is from my friend  and favorite dog sitter, Becky Priest. It’s a twist on salsa that’s perfect for

First Answer To the Christmas Recipe Call

This first recipe comes from Charlotte Mishler, my friend and retired-teacher-turned-missionary. Thanks Charlotte!