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Photo by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash

Pursuit: Rude Jude and the Heart of Christ

    Jude was Jesus' youngest sibling. His pursuit of Jesus was full of insults and bullying. Actually, we might be justified in labeling him Jesus' bratty younger brother. Today we're going to trace Jude's biography through…

Blinded By the Light: The Final Eye Witness

Blinded. The final eye witness of the resurrected Jesus was literally blinded by what he saw. He wasn’t thrilled to see him. No, he was as shocked as if he had run full speed into a brick wall. Ever since Easter Sunday we have been…

Does Doubting Thomas Deserve His Name?

  Why do we insist on labeling Thomas the “doubting disciple”? Is he getting a bad rap from history, or does Scripture support our nickname for him? And how does his story encourage us today? After a week of vacation, I’m…