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The Silent Scream: Applying Mark 5

In Mark 5 we see Jesus cross the Sea of Galilee in response to the inarticulate cry of one man. He hears our cry, too.

The Desperate: Studying Mark 5

Jesus heard the cries of the desperate, and came near to save them. Come hear their cries and add your own.

The King Announced: Applying Mark 4

  We've been studying the Gospel of Mark together. As we studied chapter 4, we saw the King beginning to unveil his presence slowly through a series of parables. It was subtle, so much so that his calming of the violent storm took…

Necessary Storms and Parables: Studying Mark 4

Photo by Lily Banse on Unsplash How can these be necessary storms? Tears blurred my vision as I drove down the freeway. I feel blasted, annihilated. Why does it have to hurt so much? Years ago Mark and I were in the middle of a…

Rising Tension: Studying Mark 3

Are you preoccupied with the drama of your life? Take a break and immerse yourself in the high drama of the Gospel of Mark!
Time enough for bible study
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Is 15 Minutes Enough?

  How many minutes is enough for Bible study? I'm talking Bible study, not just reading. Pen in hand, notebook beside open Bible. How much is enough for that? One hour a day? That's what many Women's Bible studies suggest. A…