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Patience: The Gift We Politely Refuse

  Patience? No thank you. But pass me some of that peace, please, and why don’t you top it with a few sprinkles of joy. If the fruit of the Spirit were being served at a dinner party, patience might be the dish with the most…
A baby's fingers grip his mother's thumb showing the vital connection

A Praying Life: Augustine’s Mother Monica

Praying may look like a spiritual discipline, but it often feels like agony. That's what I've learned personally, and seen recently as I've studied the life of Monica, St. Augustine's mother.
The cover of a book, In Albert's Shadow, about Mileva Maric
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Hidden Partner: Albert Einstein’s First Wife

A hidden life can yield an extraordinary legacy, even without the public recognition it may deserve
A single wildflower in a sea of rocks

Sow What? The Quarantine Opportunity

The quarantine opens opportunities for sowing good seed into our family, neighborhood and beyond. Start small and ask God to make it grow.