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Pursuit: Rude Jude and the Heart of Christ

    Jude was Jesus' youngest sibling. His pursuit of Jesus was full of insults and bullying. Actually, we might be justified in labeling him Jesus' bratty younger brother. Today we're going to trace Jude's biography through…
surprised by confetti

Surprised By Grace & Judgment, Isaiah 15-24

Photo by Erik Brolin on Unsplash Are you surprised by God's grace? Not always. We often take his grace for granted. What about his judgment? Does that surprise us? Actually, it shocks us, because we think, like Santa Claus, God will always…
"Jesus Saves" painted on a yellow gas meter

The Power of Words: Isaiah 1-5

Photo by Shane on Unsplash Winston Churchill didn't just see clearly, he spoke powerfully. His words steadied England during the worst year of World War II. His words also filled a book I read this past year, The Splendid and the Vile by…

Lost Your Job? You Could Be on Holy Ground

Photo by Matt Noble on Unsplash If you lost your job today, how would you respond? Our knee jerk response to any crisis isn’t simply the product of a single moment, but the result of habits formed by many moments. Each…
Beware the Foxtails

Beware the Foxtails! Applying Mark 12

Have you ever been annoyed by a warning and later realized it saved your life? Let's listen to Jesus' warnings and hear grace.

How Freely He Loves Us: Applying Mark 8

In Mark 8, Jesus turns toward the cross. Why did he do it? What compelled him?
Like the disciples, a child gazes at the sea

Advent: A Seed of Suspicion, A Seed of Promise

The first sin of the first man brought death and ruin to us all. But God's response was to bring hope through a promise.
Like the disciples, a child gazes at the sea

Grace for the Asking: Applying Mark 6

Grace is ours for the asking, because our Savior paid in advance. May today's post spur your gratitude this Thanksgiving Day.