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Feast: Soup Glorious Soup

One of the best things about January is soup.

A Feast of Flavor

All this talk of New Year’s diets has made me hungry.

Recipe 2: Cranberry Salsa

Today’s recipe is from my friend  and favorite dog sitter, Becky Priest. It’s a twist on salsa that’s perfect for

Christmas Recipe Call

I’d love some new recipes for the Christmas season. Will you share? I’ll start…

Rescuing Leftovers: The Portable Feast

Who says you have to eat in the kitchen? Sometimes leftovers can be rescued, just by taking the food to

Rescuing Leftovers: Maude & Jake’s Diner

I hope you’ve had a chance to try Emergency Cheese Bread since last Friday. If not, you can use it

Rescuing Leftovers: Emergency Cheese Bread

I used to deal with leftovers by shoving them to the back of my refrigerator and hoping they would go

3 Salad Dressings I Know By Heart

I promised you some 3-ingredient salad dressings to go with those “Magic of 3” salads. Actually, the number 3 is

The Crazy Cook

It’s not enough to learn how to cook, you have to also know how to feast.