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Mark 16: Whose Energy?

How do you get things done? I realized recently that anxiety fuels most of my work. Tornado energy, I call

Mark 16: Astonished and Afraid

Death changes everything, I’d heard. But I saw it firsthand one summer.

Mark 15: Passionate Love

While I don’t remember much — make that anything — about my own birth, the births of my three children

Mark 15: Delivered By His Enemies

When you’re powerless, the only tactic left is to refuse to cooperate.

Mark 14: Thank Who?

Gratitude is good for you. That’s what they say. John Tierney wrote this in a 2011 Thanksgiving piece for the

Mark 14: His Sacrifice

I was chatting with an elderly lady at the Y one day while she worked out.

Mark 13: Inside the Huddle

I saw them on the first day of junior high. The huddle.

Mark 13: Words of Warning, Words of Love

This chapter is the hardest to understand in all of Mark’s gospel–possibly in the whole New Testament.

Mark 12: Beware the Fox-tails!

Sometimes you don’t know what to beware of.

Mark 12: You Don’t Know the Scriptures

Do you have a favorite verse from the Bible?