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From the Study “Gospel of Mark”: Cursed for Barrenness?

I’ve been gripped this week by the picture of the fig tree, withered to the roots. Is my life barren,

Don’t Miss Jesus in the Gospels

Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament takes some work, but how could you possibly miss him in the four gospels?

Mark 2: How Do I Stay On Track?

When you were a kid did you ever ask questions in class just to get your teacher off topic?

The Taste of Free Grace

Grace. Free grace. Sounds amazing, but what does it mean?

Applying Mark 2: Derailed by Dread

Nothing derails my day like a poor night’s sleep. And nothing ruins my sleep more easily than dread of what

Mark 3: Rising Tension

My life, the movie. That’s where I tend to live.

Mark 3: The Privilege of Being Asked To Speak

The church was packed on the day of the funeral.

Mark 4: The Necessity of Parables and Storms

Tears blurred my vision as I drove down the freeway. Why does it have to hurt so much?

Mark 4: Whose News?

I met my daughter in Chicago for her best friend’s wedding. After we checked into our hotel she pulled out