We made it! With your generous support and contributions, we have successfully funded our upcoming video series project!

Since its release in 2016, I have received such a positive response and numerous requests for me to come teach through the book Hungry in group Bible studies. That’s why I want to make Hungry: Learning to Feed Your Soul with Christ also available as a video teaching series. I have teamed up with Harvest Media Ministry, a faith-based media company, to produce this series at minimal cost and make it available for free!

We needed to cover the expenses to produce this series so that we can move forward with making this vision a reality. In September, we asked you to come alongside this vision and I can’t thank you enough for making it a reality. In one month’s time, we were fully funded and were able to move into the next steps of this project. Your generous donations not only met the funding goal for producing the video series, but you went above and beyond! We are excited that with the amount raised over the fundraising goal, we will be able to give away 150 DVD sets!

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The Video teaching series both presents and amplifies the content of the book. Specific additions include:

A. Key Question: Highlighting the primary question raised by the chapter and how it relates to what we’ve studied so far—provides continuity between the chapters.

B. Key Idea: Presentation of the big idea of each chapter—provides the theological or doctrinal concept that anchors the content.

C. Key Scripture: Highlighting a primary text or verse for the chapter—provides a Biblical focus for discussion, memorization, and meditation.

D. Key Question Answered: Repeating and answering the opening question—provides a chance to consolidate the message of the chapter.



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