– January 17th, 2018 –

It’s a wrap! Last week we filmed all twelve sessions of the video teaching series for Hungry: Learning to Feed Your Soul with Christ. I loved the experience of working with professionals, like the crew from Harvest Media Ministry, but I wasn’t sure how well my part would go.

I was pretty nervous about it, and felt like no amount of preparation could keep all 12 sessions stuffed into this brain of mine. But people prayed, and during the shoot I was full of joyful, playful energy. I actually forgot all about the cameras and just had fun teaching the ladies who came. Of course, once we finished and the crew packed up and left, I thought, “I’ll just sit down for a minute…” then promptly melted into a recliner where I stayed for a long, long time.

Special thanks to each one of you who helped make this possible through your kind and generous donations. Your prayer support has been equally valuable. We couldn’t have done it without your support.

Could I ask you to pray for one more thing? We need wisdom for the best way to market and distribute this new resource to its intended audience. Ask God to show us how.

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Thanks again for your support!